NucBox achieves unparalleled fluency and unbelievable quick response featuring Intel Celeron J4125 CPU with 4-core 4-thread up to 2… Release Date: May, 2020 Specs: Cherry profile, ABS plastic, double shot legends Vendor: Drop Status: Manufacturing. Honeywell make its return in hi-pro again. Sort By: Show: GMK Yoda 2 Limited Edition Keycap Set (Tex) $175.00. Inspired by water (Mizu is water in Japanese), this set features the normal Mizu colors you've come to know and love from both GMK Mizu and SA Mizu… WAVE 2 - Gorudo - Featuring the GMK Lux Colorway | [Mono] Deskmat. Little Hint of Purple and Neon Pink with a dark tone. Check out this GMK Evil Dolch x @goldenstar_keycap Velites! Vice Nights (Miami Nights) Keycap Set (GMK) $180.00. WAVE 2 - Dusk - Featuring the GMK Mizu Colorway | [Mono] Deskmat. Overall, GMK keycaps are super high quality, they can just be difficult to get ahold of and you’ll have to jump through several hoops to purchase them. This monochromatic set, with hiragana sublegends, work with the red Royal kit to channel the colorscheme of the game. Classic. This masterfully crafted set will be available in Sculpted Pro 1-1-2-3-4-4. If you yearn for a classic look that has been refreshed with the modern touch, try out the light kit. More Info NEW. Skip to content. Iconic. We estimate that the keycaps will start shipping this week, and the shipment will span into the week of July 16. If you're a keyboard or general gaming enthusiast, you'd see why the beauty of the GMK Mizu … But eventually I decided to let them go. Add to Cart. GMK Bentō round 2 features some spicy additions: new base kits, latin alphas, 40s support and more!It's now possible to have GMK Bentō in two tones: cream and blue thanks to the different novelties kits, for a more sea effect!I decided to use different Hiragana [ひらがな] sub le designed by terra produced by gmk profile: cherry sculpt: 1-2-3-4-4 legends: doubleshot plastic: abs colors: custom More Info NEW. Add to Cart. GMK Mizu should be coming on September 8th. Shoko is like a gentler Triumph Adler, which is great for relaxation during intense games and keyboarding situations. The GMK Nord kit comes with several kits to allow fitting to any available keyboard out there. The GMK Mizu Mechanical Keyboard Review – A Stylish Layout. GMK Modern Dolch Light is a derivative of GMK Modern Dolch which is a derivative of OG Dolch. Running Dec. 1st - 31st. This set will settle perfectly in every collection as an easy-on-the-eyes colorway that will go with any keyboard! $16.99. - This is a Unicomp Model M complete Keycap Set dyed in a professional setting with Industrial Grade plastic dye to look like GMK Mizu. GMK Shoko's soft blue colorway is based on its designer’s Discord name, Shoko Aoi. Dolch Keycap Set (GMK) $190.00. Menu. Here’s a roundup of recent news from around the web. The GMK NucBox 4K mini PC is available from $219. Our premium water bottles, coffee mugs and accessories have a lifetime warranty. WAVE 2 Reservation period (group buy): Opens: October 8th, 2020 at 5 PM EST Closing Date: Nov "Positioned right at the center of the deskmat, the illustration is strategically and harmoniously composed as a unified whole, balancing the Yin and Yang" - Designs by Misobee Brought to your desk by the LastPadawan Team. EU: Oblotzky Industries OCE: Dailyclack SEA: iLumKB CN: zFrontier ASIA EN: zFrontier DETAILS PRODUCED BY GM GMK Mizu. For you. 8. 6 key switch options. It is a German electronics company that specializes in producing mechanical keyboards and custom peripherals . Extended2048 is starting final parts of manufacturing - It will not be long until the sets arrive! GMK Mr. Shipping!!! GMK electronic design GmbH is a brand better known as GMK. Customize your own water bottles, low minimums and fast shipping. Cancel. Vote on your favorite GMK Keycaps. WAVE 2 - Vapor - Featuring the GMK Laser Colorway | [Mono] Deskmat. We talked all about GMK keycaps, why they are stupidly expensive, if they are worth the price, and where to actually purchase them. Extended2048 is starting final parts of manufacturing. GMK Keycaps . The base kit supports 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, Full-size, and 1800CP boards, as well as some ortholinear keyboards and 40% keyboards. Sleeves GMK Mr. Designed in collaboration with RamaWorks. Modern. Collaboration between Raz & Swiftcables. You can read more about the product idea here. I was waiting for the round 2 of GMK Mizu, and I am still hoping that they do that but this is an instabuy for me, not missing out on this! The base kit features 138 (+7) keys to support many standard layouts. Group buy will run from May 6th - June 2nd 2020. We bring you perfect cables for absolutely perfect GMK sets. Born out of a love for rose gold. GMK Bentō Inspired by the Japanese culture, and the iconic/typical home-packed meal called 'Bento (弁当)', biip has created his next set after his wildly popular DSA Milkshake.Biip thought that working with a such curious and popular object would be an interesting … No keyset IC … I opened the box to check out the color and see if that matches my keyboard and overall desktop setup. Keyboard One Computer Guy-November 30, 2020. Mizu Soothe Wall Basin Mixer Tap Set 200mm Matte Black (4 Star) Product Code: 9505364 -+ zFrontier connects you with innovative product providers around the world! Join the IC to support the designer and bring the set to market. Mizu is back, this time in KAT profile! Add to Cart. GMK Laser – Round 2 (2020) GMK Laser – Round 2 (2020) GMK Mecha-01 (2020) GMK Mecha-01 (2020) Create a website or blog at GMK Dracula turns the software aesthetic into keyboard keyset form, expanding the theme even further with add-on modules. - These two alternate keys emulate the HHKB Layout. Mizu is Back - This time, in SA Profile! Last days to join GMK Serika R2! THIS IS A GROUPBUY What is a groupbuy? Search. $16.99. After a long wait, GMK Dracula is finally here! Alpha color spacebars, who would have thunk it. GMK NucBox 2.4 inch mini PC now available for $200 [Amazon] You’ll have to clip the on-page coupon to save $20 off the usual $220 price. More Info NEW. The add on kit comes with all the keycaps pictured in the GMK render. gmk mizu bundle of all 3 of the below sets + deskmat $550 shipped OBO Not splitting sets Not FCFS, priority to CA > US > rest of the world Press J to jump to the feed. As such, GMK makes high-quality Doubleshot ABS keycaps for mechanical keyboard communities all around the world. 27. WOW! Hi everyone, The Massdrop x MiTo GMK Laser Custom Keycap Set has arrived at the warehouse, and the team wrapped up quality control checks. We've heard all your feedback, and know you've all been waiting for this - KAT Mizu is here! WAVE 2 - Sunrise - Featuring the GMK Red Samurai ... $16.99. Kits. Account. We're offering 2 kits for SA Mizu. Wasabi Keycap Set (GMK) $119.00. The colors we are aiming for are Pantone 489 U and Pantone 277 U. GB will run until September 21, 2018. Sleeves was designed by the one and only Nathan Kim. The novelties kit features a whopping 30 keys, inspird by images from the series. Designed by Rensuya, and inspired by water, Mizu is back (Mizu is water in Japanese)! 2019. We're also offering a … 0. Brought to you by Olivia. While this set is not necessarily a Dolch colorway, the name is there to show the origin of the design. Drop + Oblotzky GMK Oblivion V2 Custom Keycap Git Base Set. GMK Olivia++. Shipping Time and GB Condition is New. ESTIMATE SHIPPING - July 2021 Bento Returns! GMK Metaverse 2 is a set inspired by the Japanese video game Persona 5. GMK Wavez has no ETA just yet, we hope that it will arrive in around mid-September. We brought this set last year in GMK, but we didn't want to miss the chance to bring it in its correct format in the master colors. Product Color:Aluminum E-White + Navy Enamel Fill Aluminum Anodizing + Glow Enamel Fill Finish:Lightly Bead Blasted + Anodized + Laser Etched + Enamel Fill Stem Type:Cherry MX Profile:Cherry Profile - Escape Row (R1) Because this is a pre-order, if you order this item with any Approximate shipping time is around Q1 2021 Keycap Set Designed by Dixie Mech PROXIES Please join from your regional proxy! Add to Cart. Condition is "New". [Download GMMK Keyboard Editor - Full Size - v2. Mizu makes double walled vacuum sealed stainless steel water bottles created and backed by professional athletes. Introducing GMK Dracula, a keyset based on the glorious Dracula Theme color-scheme. Add To Cart NEW. This sculpt is totally reminiscent of Princess Mononoke to me. All orders have been shipped out within 40 days of GB closing.. duckboard is ready for round 2 now, with upgraded features! $16.99. Add your thoughts here... (optional) Post to.